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Season III

Spend Time Now

Spend time with the people you love and mend broken bridges. This is a heavy one. Cary and Ian touch on a lot of sensitive topics. Enjoy.

Last Stop Penn Station is for mature audiences only. The audio or visual media within may contain offensive language and discussions regarding sex, sexuality, drugs, addiction, rock & roll, and succeeding despite the odds!


00:50 – Welcome! Portable Glory Holes
03:30 – Confessional Booths
06:01 – Modern pornography
10:11 – Cruising
14:33 – He did not like rock and roll!
18:20 – I have this phobia…
22:15 – This is a turn…
26:25 – My biggest fear
29:81 – Anxiety
32:11 – Getting clean
36:54 – Home health care
40:20 – All the bullshit
43:05 – June 1995…
46:50 – Spend time now
51:30 – A nut for every screw
56:44 – It could be any of us


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Production by Bisson Creative

Summaries & Timestamps by Eric Nordrum

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