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Season I

Odd Men

& Con Men 1 & 2

LSPS – Bonus Pt2 – Odd Men & Con Men

by | Season 1

Summary: As a special thank you to our fans, Cary and Ian reveal a special bonus episode! On this episode, Cary finally details his time at Empire Industries, one of the only straight jobs Cary ever had. How exactly do you sell aluminum siding and forty-to-one water soluble cleaning solution? This episode has it all. Characters, stories, twists, turns, and non-stop laughter. Cary takes Ian through his days trying to get leads, sales, and money. We challenge you not to burst into laughter with Ian and Cary as this bonus episode unravels.

Last Stop Penn Station is for mature audiences only. The audio or visual media within may contain offensive language and discussions regarding sex, sexuality, drugs, addiction, rock & roll, and succeeding despite the odds!

Bonus Episode Part 1

On the first bonus episode, Cary treats everyone to the tales of living in Jersey City, how he got recruited to be a shill for Three Card Monte scammers, and an in depth look at the most unreported scam in the history of mankind… The Murphy. What happened to The Bad Boy when he fell victim to The Murphy? Listen to the bonus episode now!


00:01 – Special Thank You
03:19 – Welcome
05:35 – Mike G’s first gig
08:30 – Aunt Betty
10:55 – How did Gunny get his name?
13:15 – His other story from that trip…
17:39 – The Tin Men
21:05 – The pitch was…
23:30 – Are we gonna have time for this?!
27:40 – In Hoboken
29:29 – And he has a bagel… with cream cheese
32:33 – So I go back the next day
35:32 – So I’m listening to this pitch…
38:07 – Yes, the man in charge of maintenance
39:43 – It’s a BEAUTIFUL cheese basket
42:33 – Anyway, back to the cheese basket
46:00 – No one’s gonna believe this
48:20 – That’s $600 for forty-to-one solution!?
52:05 – That’s where Belly Mel comes in
55:45 – The Slump Buster/Heart Attack Pitch
57:45 – It’s a BEAUTIFUL AM/FM clock radio
59:05 – And that’s the story of Empire Industries


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