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Season II

The Legend of Larry Sweeney

LSPS Season 2 Episode 2 (#13)

We would like to welcome you this week to a very special edition of LSPS – Our tribute to Larry Sweeney. We had a few audio problems but nevertheless, we are very proud to bring you this episode. 

As you know, we are focusing on the amazing and life-changing people we’ve met on this ride. This week’s episode is one that we have been looking forward to and saving for a long time. Larry Sweeney is and was the epitome of a brother, friend, son, and performer. Gone too soon from this world, but left a forever lasting light in the hearts of all who knew him.

On this episode, we are joined by 11 guests, all who share their love for the great Larry Sweeney; Seth Rollins, Colt Cabana, Bryce Remsburg, Adam Pearce and more, all offer their unique and individual memories. We miss and love you Larry, and there ain’t no doubt about it.

*Last Stop Penn Station is for mature audiences only. The audio or visual media within may contain offensive language and discussions regarding sex, sexuality, drugs, addiction, rock & roll, and succeeding despite the odds!

*ATTN: Audiophiles – We had some technical difficulty with one of the mics. We apologize for any audio issues in this episode. 


00:01 – Welcome Intro by AJ
00:26 – Message from Mike Johnson of Pro Wrestling Insider
01:42 – Hello Ian, Hello Cary
04:52 – This is a unique episode
07:30 – Larry Sweeney
08:10 – Bryce Remsburg remembers Larry Sweeney
12:30 – When did Cary meet Larry?
13:55 – Mike Quackenbush remembers Larry Sweeney
16:15 – Colt Cabana remembers Larry Sweeney
18:13 – December 23, 2006 – Edison, NJ – Final Battle 2006
28:02 – Bringing Larry in as a manager
30:03 – Eddie Edwards remembers Larry Sweeney
36:30 – So the plan was, we’re going to Amsterdam
41:30 – Joel Allen of SPLX remembers Larry Sweeney
45:45 – 13 hour flight
50:50 – Bobby Cruise remembers Larry Sweeney
58:10 – Jigsaw remembers Larry Sweeney
1:03:35 – Seth Rollins remembers Larry Sweeney
1:07:20 – Concerns about Larry begin
1:13:10 – Adam Pearce remembers Larry Sweeney
1:17:38 – Larry goes missing
1:26:30 – Cary visits Larry in 2010, Larry forgets his meds
1:36:23 – Cary receives the news that Larry was gone
1:38:50 – He should be here with us
1:41:00 – Jimmy Jacobs remembers Larry Sweeney


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