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Season II

Heenan, Cornette & More

This week on Last Stop Penn Station, Ian is finally out of the ROH bubble (for now…), Chester O’Sullivan and Willy Gilsenberh get their first mentions on the podcast and Ian and Cary talk a lot about Ring of Honor. We discuss the state of politics on this episode and Ian talks about the election he won by ONE vote. This episode isn’t quite as light hearted as last week’s, as Cary dives right back into epic, cocaine fueled endeavors with some very well-known personalities. Cary tells Ian all about the crack epidemic in the late 80’s and how he went on a mission to find Tony Atlas some crack.

Last Stop Penn Station is for mature audiences only. The audio or visual media within may contain offensive language and discussions regarding sex, sexuality, drugs, addiction, rock & roll, and succeeding despite the odds!


00:01 – Introduction
00:50 – Out of the bubble!
04:21 – Quick story…
07:01 – Gary’s version…
09:28 – Willie and Haystacks
13:48 – You’re not getting your fuckin money back!
14:44 – So how was Baltimore?
16:50 – Every Monday Night (Pure Tournament)
19:54 – Changing it up
22:15 – Three years old, five elections
27:48 – Now we can talk about cocaine!
31:07 – I talk to Kevin Sullivan every week
34:41 – We’re at the Garden, it’s a night of wrestling
39:31 – Who’s sitting at the bar? SD Jones and Andre the Giant
42:01 – He wanted some crack…
47:31 – The clientele…
50:44 – Tony’s idea for a safe place to consume…
54:20 – I was scared. I was scared.
57:22 – Old pictures
1:00:03 – It was myself, Gabe, the camera guy, Jim, and Heenan
1:04:02 – Second interview
1:06:34 – He didn’t like this.
1:10:10 – Dick the Bruiser
1:14:37 – The last time I saw him


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