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Season I

New Orleans Coke & The Big Nipple

LSPS Season 1 Episode 10

by | Season 1

Summary: This week on episode 10 of Last Stop Penn Station, we catch up with Cary back in New Orleans on the hunt for cocaine. When desperate times call for desperate measures, you ask a stranger for coke. Things don’t necessarily go as planned for Cary and he details the situation from start to finish. Cary discusses the struggles of getting back on his feet and trying to turn ten dollars to thirty, and more. The golden ticket of the Radio City Christmas show, Freddy the Weeper, Silent Sydney, and so many other characters. Cary goes over the various characters he became close with during his time returning to the city. All of which, you need to hear to believe. Try not to laugh.

Last Stop Penn Station is for mature audiences only. The audio or visual media within may contain offensive language and discussions regarding sex, sexuality, drugs, addiction, rock & roll, and succeeding despite the odds!


00:01 – Special Introduction
04:20 – Welcome
06:11 – Cary on commentary (Subscribe to Honor Club)
11:01 – I’m not embarrassed about many things, but…
14:17 – I hadn’t done coke in weeks, which, for me is a long time!
17:10 – You can end up anywhere
19:08 – Give me the money
23:50 – Women’s Tennis
26:20 – Uplift with dirty stories
30:05 – At the end of my road down there
34:20 – Freddy The Weeper
42:22 – All these characters
46:49 – The Big Nipple
51:30 – The Mummy spent 8 days at the Big Nipple
54:05 – Get the **** off
57:10 – So I started working for Jim
1:00:18 – Beau sets up his shop
1:05:26 – So you have the Bears fans, and the Patriots fans
1:08:58 – Right after breakfast, we started drinking
1:11:49 – Welp, I’ll tell ya how I got out
1:14:28 – I could see what was gonna happen
1:17:18 – I gathered up enough money… Didn’t tell anyone I was leaving
1:21:03 – Looking into the future


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