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Season I

Hustling New Orleans

LSPS Season 1 Episode 9

by | Season 1


On this week’s episode of Last Stop Penn Station, we catch with Cary as he escapes to New Orleans. With a pocket full of miracles, and $1,500 in hand, Cary schlepped off to the French Quarter of New Orleans in the mid 80’s. What happened after just one day in New Orleans and how did Cary get on his feet? Cary chronicles for Ian the struggle to reconstruct his life by getting an apartment and hustling downtown, and becoming a “ticket genius.” Cary discusses his first experience with college football, how unwilling the people are to buy tickets, and of course… Liberal Libby. All this, and more, on Episode 9 of LSPS!

Last Stop Penn Station is for mature audiences only. The audio or visual media within may contain offensive language and discussions regarding sex, sexuality, drugs, addiction, rock & roll, and succeeding despite the odds!


00:01 – Special Introduction
03:00 – Welcome (The Worst)
04:05 – Drastic times, drastic measures
07:35 – I believe you met a woman?
11:38 – Cocaine seems to be one of the choice drugs…
14:35 – Pocket full of miracles
17:15 – Can you do lines here?
20:00 – Venturing out on his own
23:18 – And that was my start of my time in New Orleans
26:15 – The money started getting thin
30:20 – The average person
32:00 – Kiss a sick monkey’s ass
37:34 – These people don’t pay
42:11 – People know me… I’m an honest guy, but this was a different life.
46:30 – When my sister gets here…
49:20 – I’m getting desperate
54:08 – The stupidest white guy in New Orleans
57:15 – Now I’m in the cell, with 40 other guys
1:01:15 – I walked back to the Alpine, and borrowed another $100
1:02:30 – Rapid fire wrestling questions


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