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Season II

Season Finale

We have made it to the end of 2020. This has been a trying year for all of us, but we are so grateful for all of our listeners and we hope you’re bringing in the new year in good spirits. This week we wrap up 2020 by touching on more ROH tidbits, more of Cary’s drug and sex escapades, or sexcapades if you will, and sadly, Cary and Ian pay tribute to several wrestling icons who have unfortunately passed on recently. It’s Friday, you know what that means.

Last Stop Penn Station is for mature audiences only. The audio or visual media within may contain offensive language and discussions regarding sex, sexuality, drugs, addiction, rock & roll, and succeeding despite the odds!


00:50 – Welcome!
01:47 – Tribute
04:39 – Brodie
08:20 – Grateful
09:00 – ROH
16:06 – Lady Luck
19:04 – Kmart of Casinos
24:00 – Hat on a hat
28:49 – Blessings
33:00 – Everyone’s wish
36:00 – All these stories
40:21 – “I should’ve been dead a hundred times.”
41:07 – Here’s a story I’ve never told before
46:51 – Plain sight
47:42 – Harold Square
50:21 – Pre full-time ticket scalping…
53:45 – The stuff was good… and when I ran out…
57:02 – First introduction to cocaine (back to 50th st)
1:00:51 – Mickey
1:04:03 – Always the same
1:07:04 – Leslie
1:09:40 – Rapid fire


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