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Season II

Ticket Hustling in the 90s

LSPS Season 2 Episode 3

by | Season 2

Summary: After an emotionally taxing episode 2, centered around the legendary Larry Sweeney, this week Ian and Cary take us a little further back to the days of Cary’s ticket hustling in the early 90s. Cary discusses his academic major in pinball and joint rolling, getting off the streets and getting clean, and the infamous Ronnie, the man who would sell the same ticket twelve times with no compunction. All aboard! It’s another episode of Last Stop Penn Station with Cary Silkin and Ian Riccaboni!

Last Stop Penn Station is for mature audiences only. The audio or visual media within may contain offensive language and discussions regarding sex, sexuality, drugs, addiction, rock & roll, and succeeding despite the odds!


00:01 – Introduction
00:51 – Welcome, recapping Larry Sweeney
03:10 – This week’s topic, Bill and Ronnie
06:00 – Ronnie
07:49 – Ronnie would sell things that didn’t exist
11:30 – How did Cary get there
14:03 – E. Gurkk
18:50 – Those God damn rice cakes
23:30 – $20 delivery charge
25:28 – Letter from E. Gurkk
28:50 – Helen EconoMoo
31:27 – I don’t have that kind of money
35:25 – The next United Tickets story (Pig-Face Stanley & Scotty the Baboon)
41:03 – Lousy rows, wrong dates
44:50 – Tell ‘em we don’t want them
51:30 – What’s in store (Cary’s dealings with Ric Flair)
53:00 – Best of Best in the world Friday 6/19/20


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