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Season I

Pig Faced Stanley & PR Pt. 3

LSPS Season 1 Episode 8

by | Season 1

Summary: We have said it before, but we can’t express how truly grateful we are for the amazing outpouring of support for Last Stop Penn Station. Our t-shirt was rated among the top selling t-shirts on Pro Wrestling Tees, and that means the world to us. This week is perhaps the most loaded episode to date. Starting where we left off in Puerto Rico, Cary explains what led to an emergency meeting with dangerous implications, offending children with the stench of dank weed, and the disgusting way Victor Quiñones ate food. This episode has it all, including Pig Face Stanley, the kind of guy that gives Jews a bad name. Listen all the way through to the end. This one is intense.

Last Stop Penn Station is for mature audiences only. The audio or visual media within may contain offensive language and discussions regarding sex, sexuality, drugs, addiction, rock & roll, and succeeding despite the odds!


00:01 – Thank you! (Another special intro)
02:14 – Welcome
06:19 – The magazine COULD have kept going
09:10 – The last territory left
11:30 – 8,000… 9,000 people? (And the emergency meeting)
13:30 – The emergency meeting
17:00 – I’ll call Bushwhacker Luke!
20:45 – Don’t go, there’s gonna be something wrong. Well, he was right.
23:30 – And here comes a lady… with her two school children…
29:00 – He’s in a bad state and overweight
32:10 – Where the hell are they going?
34:55 – My cousin is freaking the **** out – it gets worse
39:45 – “Cary’s making a funneling motion..”
42:30 – Wrapping up on Victor Quiñones
44:45 – Pig Face Stanley was the kinda guy that gives Jews a bad name
47:50 – Stanley stories
52:30 – “Come on bitch, buy the seats!” – Stanley
56:45 – The money was gone in seconds
59:40 – Very few people were born homeless in Penn Station
1:04:50 – Lost to time
1:06:22 – Ticket hustling start…


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